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Past EA Success Stories

The journeys that started with Entrepreneurship Avenue!


Refurbed won the Entrepreneurship Avenue in 2017 ad quickly became one of the leading digital Marketplaces for refurbished electronics. Now, their Market is growing to include other  refurbished goods, and they are on the way to become the next Austrian Unicorn!


Benu won the  Entrepreneurship Avenue in 2018, with their innovative digital approach to  planning and organizing funerals. They are currently on their way to becoming one of the  leading providers for fast organized burial rites in Austria.


Coming from TU München, KEWAZO won the Entrepreneurship Avenue in 2016, with their robotic material hoists for scaffolding, a product that increases safety on construction sites significantly. The Munich based company continues to operate as one of the leading startups in construction robotics.


Hokify was the winner of the second ever Entrepreneurship Avenue in 2015 and grew to be one of the leading recruiting in the DACH region. Currently, over 55.000 companies make use of their services.


Kerntec participated in the Entrepreneurship
Avenue in 2018 and even though they did not win, they proceeded to become a sucessful startup, utlizing the commonly thrown away apricot seeds, to produce several alimentary products. Their Wunderkern products are now available in several Austrian grocery stores!


Druckster participated in the Entrepreneurship  Avenue 2018, and even though they didn't reach the Finals, their free of charge advertised printing service is now used by thousands of  students, while top employers count on the advertising space for their employer branding.

Interested in the impact Entrepreneurship Avenue has created?
Check out the EA impact Report!

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