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Finalist teams for the PITCH AWARD (and how YOU can support them)

Yesterday at the DEMO DAY the participating teams of the Lab series had their chance to show how they developed during the Labs and 10 of them convinced the jury that they are ready to pitch at the Entrepreneurship Avenue Conference on June 2nd in order to win the PITCH AWARD 2020! 🚀

At the Pitch Award you will see the following teams:

🔥 Epiclay wants to make green walls accessible to everyone by building a modular

solution, which draws on a special material and plant mixture and thus allows to reduce

maintenance costs to a minimum.

🔥 Flink wants to offer a fast and inexpensive solution to provide amateur football clubs

with game data and statistics by using a deep learning AI algorithm in combination with

a camera set-up and an intuitive web application.

🔥 SensoPack aims to create an easy and tailormade predictive maintenance solution for

every business.

🔥 PlayEco's idea is a playground for kids made out of natural materials and teaching kids

about biodiversity.

🔥 AeroSQAIR wants to tackle underground air pollution with modular, fully automated

moss towers in subway stations.

🔥 C:aire's idea is to develop an air purification and odor fighting bio system.

🔥 Althletics wants to develop an AI-based personal trainer that can be used via mobile


🔥 contractd's idea is an app that allows you to create contracts on the go. It offers

templates and useful information about things like warranty, consumer rights, etc.

🔥 QuestEd wants to provide software and hardware to schools to engage students

through gamification.

🔥 tomorrow's genAIRation is working on a Co2 reducing and optimising online travel


If you want to learn more about their ideas and watch their pitches at the Demo Day

These 10 teams have the opportunity to pitch in front of the investors and win 1.500 € in cash, 5.000 € media budget, up to 10.000 € in investment and more!

Next to the jury, YOU also have the opportunity to decide who deserves to win. On June 2 at 7pm 10 LAB-startup-teams will present their business idea pitches to the jury of active investors and prominent personalities from the Austrian entrepreneurial network. Places 1 and 2 will be chosen by the jury but there will also be an audience voting prize which means you also have a chance to decide their fate! Tune in and vote for your favorite team on the Slido panel available during the Pitch Award. You can vote only for 1 team, so make your choice wisely! Every LAB-startup-team will show their business idea and explain their motivation in a 2-minute pitch-video. The team with the highest number of audience votes will win the audience voting award and receive cash prizes to support their future growth. Make sure to support your favorite team on the conference day by voting for them live at the PITCH AWARD! 🏆

To participate in the voting, get your free ticket for the conference on June 2nd NOW

Text: Isabella Egger

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