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Do you have a great idea and the world should see it? Or do you have a creative attitude and possess skills a team can benefit from?

Perfect – either way take your chance now!

Meet like-minded people, build a strong, interdisciplinary team and turn your idea into a business concept! Through a series of workshops (LABs) you will get the opportunity to present your idea, receive mentoring from experienced start-up experts and win the final prize with your first public pitch.






LAB Teams

27th April


Idea Presentation

LAB 1. aimes to present start-up ideas and form interdisciplinary teams. It is an opportunity both for candidates that have generated a start-up idea as well as for skilled individuals who are enthusiastic about start-ups to form a team and work jointly on developing a business idea. The teams are presented with insights on essential business tools by our speaker, a professional in a start-up field.

Present your start-up idea and form interdisciplinary teams! 

• Got a business idea and need skillful people on your team to develop it further?


• Want to work on a start-up idea and exercise your valuable skills? 

Then the Idea Presentation Lab is a great start for you!

During the registration send us a 30 second video presenting your idea and find team members with necessary skills and a creative attitude to join you.



Note: videos presenting business ideas have to be submitted by April 23, 2021  EOD. Team formation will be facilitated via an online tool that provides project rooms for teams to work together throughout the Entrepreneurship Avenue. 

If you are interested in one of the ideas displayed in the Idea Presentation lab and want to apply your knowledge and skills to develop it even further, don’t hesitate to reach out to your favourite idea’s author during LAB1. Furthermore, our speaker from WhatAVenture will provide valuable insights on tools that are essential to get your business up and running.

11th may



At the Mentoring Lab we will team you up with THE experts from the Austrian start-up scene, industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs who are looking forward to sharing their experience and providing valuable insights.

Now that you have formed a skillful team it is time to discuss your start-up idea with experienced mentors from the industry!

Our experts come from a broad range of backgrounds - life sciences, manufacturing, digital industry... Therefore, we will make sure to find your perfect match according to your interests! 


After the mentoring sessions you will be provided with input on how to pitch your idea to investors in order to start preparing for LAB 3. 

25th May


Pitch Training

At the Pitch Training LAB you will be able to improve your pitch with our trainers and learn how to best present your idea to potential investors.

Perfect your pitch! You know that investors are crucial to start a business, but you are not sure how to convince them to finance your growth? 


You will be asked to prepare a 100 second pitch based on the insights you have received in the previous LAB and the pitch trainer assigned to your team will provide feedback and work with you on further perfection of the pitch.

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