Michael Kowatschew is an impact-driven entrepreneur, multiple Austrian Karate champion (U21) and community leader. He is the current president of the Sigma Squared Society and Managing Director of somethingcreative Austria. Before that, he founded multiple startups and sold his last company in 2021.

Before that he founded NOVID20 and with a team of 80 people developed the first automated contact tracing app in Europe in March/April 2020. The spirit and hard work of the team made possible that the NOVID20 contact tracing application was launched in Georgia by April and reached over 150.000 downloads on its first day. You can find articles in 20+ languages about NOVID20 and its launch.

Michael also co-founded friendzone, which aims to help universities, hostels and businesses to build a better and stronger community. If you are interested and want to hear more, feel free to reach out.