About Entrepreneurship Avenue

WHAT is the Entrepreneurship Avenue?

The Entrepreneurship Avenue is Europe’s largest start-up event series for students who are interested in joining the start-up scene or have a business idea. It is designed to inspire, encourage and support young people to take their first steps of starting their own business. The event connects students from all over the world with founders, investors, mentors and other like-minded people. During various workshops (The Labs) and the final Pitch Day participants will learn how to develop and pitch their ideas, which provide the foundation of turning concepts into viable businesses.

WHEN is the Entrepreneurship Avenue 2021?

We accepted the challenge of the pandemic regulations and took the Entrepreneurship Avenue to the next level! This year the Avenue will be held in a hybrid format.

The Kick-Off is the very first event and will take place online, on April 20th.

Followed by the LABs, which will also take place online, on April 27th, May 11th and May 25th.

The final Pitch Day is on June 1st, 2021 and will be held in hybrid format. While some participants can attend the final Pitch Day physically in Vienna, others will have the opportunity to join online.

WHERE is the Entrepreneurship Avenue?

This year the Avenue will be held in hybrid format. The fully online Kick-Off, LABs, and the hybrid Pitch Day enable participation from all around the world. While some participants can attend the final Pitch Day physically in Vienna, others will have the opportunity to join online. In case the restrictions won’t allow a hybrid event we will inform all participants ahead and switch to a fully online event.

WHO can participate?

Any student can participate! You have to be a student an be interested in innovation and the start-up scene. If you’re not sure yet what to do after university, if you’re looking for a new challenge, if you’re searching for an exciting work environment without bureaucracy and hierarchy in which you can grow and learn exceptionally fast, if you’re interested in founding your own start-up (you already have an early stage start-up idea) or if you’re looking for mentors and investors who can help you grow your idea, then you’re exactly the person we’re looking for!

Who is ORGANIZING the Entrepreneurship Avenue?

The Entrepreneurship Avenue is organized in cooperation with SIMC and ECN. SIMConnect – The student organization of WU’s SIMC master program. SIMConnect aims to build the community around the MSc in Strategy, Innovation and Management Control and connects its students with the program’s alumni, faculty and external partners. The student-driven organization offers a wide variety of activities and services, such as the organization of workshops, speeches, and training with corporate partners, as well as the hosting of social events for the active student and alumni communities. Furthermore, SIMConnect represents the students’ voice to the faculty to co-create an outstanding master program. ECN – The Entrepreneurship Center Network The ECN is a platform for interdisciplinary networking and support for entrepreneurship at universities. We promote entrepreneurial thinking at universities and connect students from all disciplines, subjects, and different universities. We support them with basic funding knowledge, therefore raising the number of university start-ups from multiple disciplines. The ECN supports you as a young founder and future head of a company. You can learn entrepreneurial skills, meet other students with the same mindset and get professional support for your first steps to entrepreneurship.

WHAT will happen at the LABs?

LAB 1. Idea Presentation. - 27.04.2021
During the first LAB participants are presenting start-up ideas and forming interdisciplinary teams. It is an opportunity both for candidates that have generated a start-up idea as well as for skilled individuals who are enthusiastic about start-ups to form a team and work jointly on developing a business idea. The teams are presented with insights on essential business tools by our speaker, a professional in a start-up field.
LAB 2. Mentoring. - 11.05.2021 At the Mentoring Lab we will team you up with THE experts from the Austrian start-up scene, industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs who are looking forward to sharing their experience and providing valuable insights.Our experts come from a broad range of backgrounds - life sciences, manufacturing, digital industry... Therefore, we will make sure to find your perfect match according to your interests! After the mentoring sessions you will be provided with input on how to pitch your idea to investors in order to start preparing for LAB 3. LAB 3. Pitch Training. - 25.05.2021 At the Pitch Training LAB you will be able to improve your pitch with our trainers and learn how to best present your idea to potential investors. You will be asked to prepare a 100 second pitch based on the insights you have received in the previous LAB and the pitch trainer assigned to your team will provide feedback and work with you on further perfection of the pitch.

Can we join the LABs as a TEAM?

Yes, if you are an early stage (pre-seed) start-up. Just choose "I already have a team and an idea and want to join the Avenue" on the registration form!

In which LANGUAGE will the Entrepreneuship Avenue be held?

The whole event is held in English as we want to give everyone the chance to participate. However, there will be many speakers and mentors who are German natives – so if you feel more comfortable in German, you will certainly be able to network and ask more personal questions in German.

Is there a participation fee?

NO! The event is completely free of charge!

HOW can I participate?

You need to register for the Kickoff and the LABs through Event Brite. After your registration, you will receive further information on how to join the online event via email.

Do you have any further questions?