About Entrepreneurship Avenue

WHAT is Entrepreneurship Avenue?

Entrepreneurship Avenue is Europe’s largest student-focused startup event series designed to inspire, encourage and support young people to start their own business and join the startup scene. During five workshops (the LABs) and a final Conference Day, participants gain unique insights and learn how to find, evaluate and pitch new business ideas.
Organized by SIMConnect and ECN, the event connects students from all Austrian universities with founders, investors and other inspiring minds in the startup scene.
Kick-off & LABSs: April 21th – May 27th, 2020 Entrepreneurship Avenue offers a workshop series for teams and individuals – with or without a business idea – who are interested in learning how to find, evaluate and pitch a business opportunity in detail. The LAB-Series kicks off on April 4th and brings together participants from diverse backgrounds, inspiring them to find new ideas. During the following four labs, attendees learn how to critically evaluate their idea and business model and how to pitch it to investors through first-hand coaching from experienced founders and mentors. Conference: June 2nd, 2020 Entrepreneurship Avenue’s main event is a one-day conference, which connects students with Austria’s startup scene. Alumni founders from Vienna’s universities, external entrepreneurs, investors, and innovation experts come together to inspire, help and motivate students to start their own venture. They will share their experience and insights during keynote speeches, break-out sessions, panel discussions, and networking breaks. Moreover, the Startup Fair and Job Chat provide a platform for connecting students and startups through exciting job opportunities. The program concludes with the Pitch Competition at which LAB-teams can pitch their business ideas in front of an expert jury.

WHEN is Entrepreneurship Avenue 2020?

The entire series of events will be held online.

The Kick-Off is the very first event and will take place on April 21th.

Followed by the LABs, which will take place on April 29th, May 14th, May 19th and May 27th.

The final Conference is on June 2nd, 2020.

WHERE is Entrepreneurship Avenue?

Due to the current situation, Kick-off, LABs and Conference will take place online. This allows participants from all over the world to become part of the Entrepreneurship Avenue 2020!

WHO can participate?

Everybody! Students from all universities and anyone who is interested in innovation and the startup scene. If you’re not sure yet what to do after university, if you’re looking for a new challenge, if you’re searching for an exciting work environment without bureaucracy and hierarchy in which you can grow and learn exceptionally fast, if you’re interested in founding your own startup or if you’re looking for mentors and investors who can help you grow your idea, then you’re exactly the person we’re looking for! Our mission is to encourage and support people to join the startup world after their studies and to drive innovation. We want to give students the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship, to show them what it is like to work in a growing business or found their own company, and to connect them with other founders and investors from whom they can learn.

Who is ORGANIZING Entrepreneurship Avenue?

Entrepreneurship Avenue is organized in cooperation with SIMC and ECN. SIMConnect – The student organization of WU’s SIMC master program. SIMConnect aims to build the community around the MSc in Strategy, Innovation and Management Control and connects its students with the program’s alumni, faculty and external partners. The student-driven organization offers a wide variety of activities and services, such as the organization of workshops, speeches, and training with corporate partners, as well as the hosting of social events for the active student and alumni communities. Furthermore, SIMConnect represents the students’ voice to the faculty to co-create an outstanding master program. ECN – The Entrepreneurship Center Network The ECN is a platform for interdisciplinary networking and support for entrepreneurship at universities. We promote entrepreneurial thinking at universities and connect students from all disciplines, subjects, and different universities. We support them with basic funding knowledge, therefore raising the number of university startups from multiple disciplines. The ECN supports you as a young founder and future head of a company. You can learn entrepreneurial skills, meet other students with the same mindset and get professional support for your first steps to entrepreneurship.

How do I get a TICKET and what does it COST?

Participation is FREE! We want to give everyone the opportunity to participate. However, spots are limited. To register for the LABs or the Conference, you simply have to register at Eventbrite. Please note that you will have to register for every LAB and the Conference individually! This helps us to provide the best experience possible for you!


WHAT will happen at the LABs?

If you’re a total newbie, the Entrepreneurship Avenue LABs will help you find ideas, a team, and mentors. If you already have a business idea or even a team, we will connect you with other entrepreneurial minds just like you and experienced founders to guide you along your startup journey! The first LAB session on May 9th brings together participants from diverse backgrounds inspiring them to find new ideas. During the following three sessions, attendees then learn how to critically evaluate their idea and business model and how to pitch to investors. Attendees are awarded with the “ECN Certificate” and can participate in the “2020 Avenue Pitch Award” at the Conference. We are currently working on the detailed agenda, more information will follow soon!

Can I join the LABs as a TEAM?

Yes, if you are early stage (pre-seed). If you need further clarifications just contact us. We are glad to help!

In which LANGUAGE will the LABs be held?

Entrepreneurship Avenue LABs are held in English as we want to give everyone the chance to participate. However, there will be many speakers who are German natives – so if you feel more comfortable in German, you will certainly be able to network and ask more personal questions in German.

What do I have to BRING to the Events?

You might want to bring a notebook and something to takes notes with (i.e. college block, tablet), as well as good mood and curiosity!

WHO can participate in the DEMO DAY (LAB 4)?

Every team that has participated in at least two other LABs. A team has participated in a LAB if at least one of the team members attended.


WHAT will happen at the CONFERENCE?

If you’re a total newbie to the startup world, the conference gives you the chance to dabble in this industry and to win a first impression about what working in or even founding a new venture is like. Find out if entrepreneurship is for you! If the startup world is not as new anymore for you, the conference will give you the unique chance to learn from experienced founders, mentors, and investors and to present your venture to potential investors and colleagues! The conference brings together founders, investors and a wide mix of people who have lived up to their dreams and shaped their own life stories. They will share their experience and insights in keynote speeches, break-out sessions, panel discussions, and networking breaks. The conference ends with the “2020 Avenue Pitch Award” during which teams can pitch their idea in front of a jury. We are currently working on the detailed agenda, more information will follow soon!

Who will SPEAK at the Conference?

We try to ensure speakers from a broad portfolio of industries and backgrounds, so you have the chance to find out how diverse each founder’s life story is and what motivated them to start their own entrepreneurship journey! You will meet investors, founders, business angels and other inspiring minds from the startup industry. We are currently working on a detailed list of speakers, more information will follow soon!

Is there a DRESS CODE?

Come as you are – just like in most startups, we don’t care if you wear a sweater or a suit. However, if you would like to get some guidance: many people will likely come in a business casual outfit.

Do you have any other questions?

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