Conference 2022

Everyone is invited to be inspired by international and national speakers, the startup-up fair, the partner fair and numerous networking opportunities that give entrepreneurship enthusiasts the chance to kick start their career in the startup scene.


Panel discussion Learning from Failure Stefanie Allworth (Chemie on Tour), Sara Mari-Stras


It’s that time of year again: welcome to the grand finale of the ninth edition of the Entrepreneurship Avenue! After two years in the online setting, we can finally all meet again in person today.

Entrepreneurship Avenue’s mission is to inspire, encourage and support young people to start their own businesses. It is a platform of opportunities for students from different backgrounds and disciplines, both ‘explorers’ who simply want to learn about entrepreneurship and ‘wantrepreneurs’ who benefit from the sophisticated support infrastructure that the program offers student entrepreneurship projects. The can-do attitude and the diverse backgrounds of the participants ensure a unique learning and working atmosphere for everyone involved.

So make the most of today, let this not be the end but the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey. Today's conference marks the culmination of the event series, where students from various disciplines and universities have the opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurship and (further) develop their own ideas in interdisciplinary teams. The signs are very good: both the number of participants at the kick-off at the end of March (more than 550 from more than 75 different universities!) and the number of participating student startup teams, namely 80, set new records.

Deploying such a program needs a unique team: in place of the whole organizing team, I would like to express my gratitude to the head organizers of the Avenue 2022, Selina and Ralitsa. Thank you for your tireless efforts, your ideas and passion!

I wish you all keep up the entrepreneurial Avenue spirit!



WU Learning Center

Festsaal 1&2 LC



WU Learning Center

Festsaal 1

The main stage where all the keynotes and panels take place

Festsaal 2

Will host the startup fair.
Get ready to discover the local entrepreneurial scene!


This is where the Partners fair will take place. Don't miss out on the opportunity to network, get funding, or get hired!


Matthias Strolz

Impact Entrepreneur


Ali Mahlodji


Georg Weber Bild.jpg

Georg Weber 

Gateway Ventures


Chemie on Tour

Eveline Steinberger-Kern.jpeg

Eveline Kern 

The Blue Minds Company


Peter windischhofer



Eva Keiffenheim

Austrian Startups


Ben Ruschin

Bigcheese Ventures




Anna Pölzl

Robin Simsa Foto.JPG

Robin Simsa

Revo Foods


Robin Lumsden

Lumsden & Partners Attorneys at Law


Gurubharan Ganeson

Team Tumbleweed


CMO & Co-founder of PetAid

Daniel Logar Foto.png

Daniel Logar


Laura Egg.jpg

Laura Egg



Circular Co-Creation


Sigma Squared




Pitch Award Jury


Felix Fein



Selma Prodanovic



Ben Ruschin

Big Cheese Ventures


Niklas Benesch



Kambis Kohansal

WKO Startup Services


Michele Luperini

Plug and Play


Claudia Panozzo


the other teams


We thank all the teams that participated in the LABs and hope to see everyone at the grand finale event!

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Danube cup

Danube Cup is an international network of universities along the Danube to enhance entrepreneurship education and support student startups.

Danube Cup Logo.png

The Danube Cup is an annual International Pitch Competition for students of universities along the Danube. Two Hungarian top universities, Corvinus University of Budapest and Budapest University of Technology and Economics, founded the competition in 2016. Danube Cup’s mission is to bring start-ups to international success, while bringing together the most motivated university startups along the river Danube. This year’s 6th edition is organized by WU Vienna and integrated into the Conference Program of Entrepreneurship Avenue, Europe’s largest student-focused startup event series and is part of ViennaUP’22.

Danube Cup has built an extended partner network of prominent universities over the past years in Austria, Germany, Hungary, and Serbia. The network comprises 7 universities from 4 countries:

  • Regensburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany

  • University of Passau, Germany

  • Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria

  • Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria

  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

  • Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary

  • University of Belgrade, Serbia

Future Weekly Podcast by Austrian Startups

Podcast hosts Daniel Cronin & Markus Raunig take an hour in front of the microphone to look at the latest developments in tech, politics & society and use their unique views of the world to talk about implications for the future.


At the Entrepreneurship Avenue, they will be joined by Travis Pittman, CEO of TourRadar.


Travis is responsible for the company’s strategy, vision and culture. Travis co-founded TourRadar with his brother Shawn in 2010 with a vision to connect people to life-enriching travel adventures. Under his leadership, TourRadar has grown into a large, diverse team from 40+ nationalities and is the leading global Adventure Booking Platform organized travel adventures, with 50,000 itineraries in 200+ countries and has office locations across Europe, North America and Australia.



2101 Logo.png

Sendance is a MedTech spinoff from the JKU Linz, was founded in March 2021 and is developing products and services around a patented technology for soft, conformable and permeable electronics. The first application is a solution to integrate pressure sensors in custom-made orthotic devices such as diabetic insoles and prosthesis shafts. These sensors can lead to a massive improvement in efficiency and safety of orthotic therapy.

LeadMe Logo.PNG

Lingvano’s mission is to break down language barriers and build bridges between Deaf and hearing people. We do this by creating easy-to-use Sign Language courses for real-life situations.

Revo Foods Logo Black Horizontal_edited.

Do you like fish? We also do. In fact, we love fish so much that we want to allow them to swim freely in our oceans. Revo™ Foods offers seafood made 100% out of plants, aiming at changing the way we consume fish products. Our mission is to offer the best plant-based seafood alternatives to those who want to keep our oceans healthy and full of fish.

LeadMe is an Austrian start-up dedicated to change blind people’s lives. In collaboration with visually impaired people we are developing ordinary looking glasses that give the user haptic feedback to recognize obstacles the blindman’s stick cannot detect to make the user aware of their surroundings.


AustrianStartups is a neutral, independent and non-profit platform for innovative entrepreneurship in Austria. It is an open place for startups, change-makers, and interested persons, who are all encouraged to launch joint initiatives with us. The people behind AustrianStartups believe that entrepreneurial thinking and acting are key for positive change. That’s why we are working for a future where entrepreneurship will be as common as skiing in Austria.


With Trackbar we are the technology provider for connected fitness. We build technologies based on AI, motion sensors, and gamification to fast-forward gyms, gym equipment and fitness apps into the digital era of fitness.

Logo PetAid-your pet we care-04-04 Kopie.png

Pet owners struggle with the massive amount of information, either seeking for the right information or managing the current information. As the most human beings always search for an easy way through, as well as a solution to make their live as easy as possible, we provide them with a mobile pet-butler as the single point of contact when it comes to the beloved pet.


D-ARIA stands for innovative industry 4.0 solutions for mobile data acquisition. With the unparalleled know-how combination of the founders IVISO and EFS Consulting in the areas of logistics, engineering and research, D-ARIA sees itself as a high-tech "Grown-Up".


With CityRiddler you explore the city with the eyes of a local. You tell the app what you like, how much time you have and where you want to start and end. Our CityRiddler Engine will work its magic to create a unique and unforgettable experience for you and your friends!


We are a young team of five cheese lovers. We have set the goal of producing purely plant-based cheese products that come as close as possible to conventional milk cheese in terms of taste and consistency.

Schrankerl Logo (45 x 45 cm).png

Schrankerl is the most innovative concept of food for the office. Through our smart fridges we bring every day great and healthy food to busy people directly in their office all over Vienna. Forget the time when you were wasting your lunch break in waiting for a delivery or staying in the line somewhere to buy something to eat. With Schrankerl you can finally enjoy 100% of your break together with your favorite colleagues, because the best food is just waiting for you in the Schrankerl.


NOUMEN is the destination for selfcare products for men. Our skincare and supplements help men to form de-stressing habits and protect from daily environmental aggressors.


Pluz Care offers a digital platform that connects customers with local pharmacies. Pluz delivers pharmaceutical and personal care products within one hour in Vienna. We help local pharmacies to expand their business and deliver a convenient delivery and digital consultation offering.


Mythical City Games is an independent game studio that creates intuitive and immersive virtual reality experiences. Immersion is everything in VR, so comfort and intuitive design lead every step of our process. We believe that sharing knowledge is key and have spoken at conferences like VRDC and Pocket Gamer. Collaborating with Microsoft, Valve, HTC, and arcades around the world, we have delivered VR experiences to the masses.


We at PlusGear are stirring up the sporting goods market in Germany and Austria with innovative problem solvers in line with our slogan "More than Sportswear" . By closely observing the impractical sides of classic sportswear and thanks to our attentive community (who tell us their problems in sports every day), we were able to develop some bestsellers that already make life easier for 10,000+ athletes every day.

VoxQube is a one-stop shop for content localization, a universal platform where you can order neural voice-over services for fulfilling any tasks. We want our world to be a place free of racial and national prejudices. For this, we're creating an inclusive environment for brands where each employee and client has a right to their own voice.


Hot water is the main source of heat consumption for newly built or renovated houses. Every day, more than 22,000,000 m3 of still hot water is sent to the sewage system in European households alone. The key role play showers, accounting for about 70 % of the total hot water demand.

This changes with the SOPHIE smart shower, which integrates a heat exchanger that transfers the heat of the warm outflowing water (35°C) to the cold inflowing fresh water (10°C). SOPHIE is designed to fit into every bathroom, allowing the pre-installed technology to disappear in a wall-integrated shower unit. Designed for easy planning and quick installation under one hour, SOPHIE significantly increases the work efficiency. SOPHIE sets new standards for hotels, sports facilities (payback in 1st year) or households (payback 5-7 years) by saving up to 80% of hot water energy costs and thus CO² emissions without sacrificing comfort.


Meister makes stunningly-designed, team-focused and user-friendly software that brings joy to work and simplicity to collaboration. Our users, products and team all work beautifully together.

The Meister Suite is a collection of intuitive productivity tools that teams simply love to use. Meister’s product portfolio includes MindMeister, MeisterTask and MeisterNote. These smart and intuitive apps – for web and mobile – help teams of all sizes achieve seamless, end-to-end workflow management. With award-winning tools for mind mapping, task management and online documentation, connected by flawless integrations, the path from idea to reality has never been clearer.


Emma Wanderer remote work campuses stand for attractive work and living spaces away from conventional urban offices. With our focus on high-quality architecture and design, as well as our modern office equipment, we create productive places for the mobile working world of the future.


Diamond Partners

A1 Telekom Austria Group, a leading provider of digital services and communications solutions in Central and Eastern Europe with more than 26 million customers, is currently operating in seven countries.


As a responsible company, A1 integrates social and environmental concerns into its core business and has demonstrated its commitment to new entrepreneurs since 2011 with its A1 Start Up Campus.


These include office space in the heart of Vienna, business products to maximize efficiency within your start up, consulting services from 40 A1 experts, media work to get the press talking about you and sales channels to spread your product.

Currently, the A1 Start Up Campus is working with 16 start ups from different sectors, like edutech, cybersecurity and ESG related topics. We are always looking for new and inspiring start ups so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Gold Partners

At refurbed we deeply care about the environment and the future of our planet. We are the fastest growing marketplace for refurbished electronics in the German speaking region, offering products that are up to 40% cheaper and 100% more sustainable. We founded the company in February 2017 and expanded to further European countries. Represented by more than 30 different nationalities, our 190+ team members follow a shared goal and commit to making a difference on a daily basis. Join the EA 2022 to learn more!


IP Österreich (RTL Germany) is a leading cross-media reach marketer and serves the growing demand for multichannel marketing offers on the Austrian market with its cross-genre portfolio. Our activities range from selling advertising time and scheduling spots on TV channels such as RTL, VOX, RTLZWEI, NITRO, RTLup, to conducting exciting research studies and marketing activities as well as handling Influencer Marketing Campaigns and digital advertising campaigns on major portals such as RTL+, Gala, GEO, Brigitte, and many more. We also work closely together with the startup scene and offer customized marketing packages with different focuses like sustainability or food & beverages. Our aim is to help fast growing companies to reach their broad target group in the most efficient way. As part of RTL Germany, one of the world's leading media groups, we see ourselves as a cosmopolitan company and offer a diverse range of exciting professional challenges and social benefits.

Are you an innovative and growing startup? Are you planning to hire staff now or in the near future? AMS are the right people to help you! 

They will support you with their expertise in personnel search and by providing useful information on applicable grants. AMS STARTUP EXPERT CENTER is proud of its long-standing cooperation with other Viennese institutions that also offer services and grants for the startup ecosystem.


tecnet equity is one of the leading equity funds for early-stage investments in Lower Austria and manages a volume of over EUR 50 million. Tecnet finances young technology companies and companies with innovative business ideas through venture capital. Its  support reaches well beyond the financial investment. With personal dedication, an international network and longstanding experience, tecnet supports companies on their way to success. As an early-stage investor, tecnet is an active participant in

the Austrian start-up environment.

Accent Inkubator is the leading tech incubator in the Vienna region that supports projects combining future-oriented technologies with state-ofthe-art science and technology. They assist start-ups with coaching and networking services as well as provide know-how through educational impulse sessions.


This year the Vienna Business Agency initiated! An international mega-event, which took place in April/May 2022. It is created by Vienna’s diverse and fast-growing startup community to bring together the people who are shaping the future of business and technology.

FFG is the Austrian ‚one-stop shop‘ for industrial research and development. Our aim is to strengthen domestic companies in global competition to assure jobs and wealth sustainably as well as to make a lasting contribution to the strength of the Austrian economy. As part of the Austrian innovation system, we help Austria´s business and science sectors to remain competitive both nationally and internationally. The skills and expertise of our employees enable us to provide high-quality research promotion services and achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction.


Silver Partners


Always the crucial step ahead. 

Herbst Kinsky is one of Austria’s leading law firms. It has earned a reputation for providing the highest quality legal advice. HK's unique selling proposition is its know-how and experience in the areas of venture capital and start-ups, where it is the undisputed market leader.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are in our DNA. Since over 20 years our firm advises startups and investors. We are always curious and happy to be part of this amazing community.


V_labs is Austria's leading company builder and supports corporates in building their own start-ups from scratch. We focus on digital business models and not only advise, but also implement. Why can we do that? Because we have founded several successful start-ups ourselves and at the same time we know how big corporates work. Our interdisciplinary team can cover all the roles necessary for the early phase of a start-up, from concept to prototyping, UX / UI design and digital marketing to IT development. #WeBuildCompanies


Wien Energie is Austria’s largest regional energy provider and a subsidiary of Wiener Stadtwerke. We supply two million customers and 230,000 commercial and industrial facilities with reliable and environmentally friendly electricity, heating, cooling, electromobility and telecommunications.

In the coming years, we are investing massively in the expansion of renewable energies such as solar, wind and hydropower, as well as electromobility, in order to further enhance climate protection. We are actively shaping the future of energy through innovation and research. With our measures for climate protection and security of energy supply in the city, we are well prepared for the future.

EFS Consulting

EFS Consulting is one of the largest independent management consultancies in Austria and works on projects worldwide. “We speak automotive. And lots of other languages.” – The roots of EFS Consulting are in the automotive sector. Starting from there, competence has been built up in many other industries and areas - such as digitization and IT transformation. We accompany customers in several business units and work across the whole product lifecycle.

We see ourselves as a management consultancy that takes up requirements from projects, implements ideas, and offers concrete solutions - as an incubator for innovation. Based on this understanding, we have founded ventures ourselves and work closely with start-ups.

As a partner of Entrepreneur Avenue 2022, FreeFinance supports ideas, founders and startup enthusiasts. If you also want to experience the spirit, innovation and creative will of these people and you are interested in what smart software can already do today, please come and visit us. Experience how easy accounting can be for startups and everyone who wants to do their own accounting with FreeFinance.


42law is easily the most innovative and efficient law firm that you have come across.

We have been called one of the best corporate legal teams in the German-speaking countries. We have a growing practice in international commercial arbitration. And we're rapidly building a reputation in the gambling and sports betting industry.

We have abolished all paper, banned hourly rates -- and that's just the beginning. Stay with us, as we roll out our vision over the next months.