Entrepreneurship Avenue meets the Startup ecosystem in Vienna
“Opportunity to engage with entrepreneurial content, network with like-minded people, and learn StartUp Skills supplementing the roadmap of the LABs.”
march 29rd 2022 - WU Vienna, Festsall 2

Idea Salon

Entrepreneurship Avenue meets Skills Academy

The Skills Academy is one of the most remarkable workshop series of the Entrepreneurship Center at WU Vienna offering thrilling events on different topics. We are so excited that the Entrepreneurship Avenue 2022 will meet the Skills Academy at the Idea Salon.

What awaits you at the workshop:

  • You will examine your strengths, interests, skills, and values

  • You will develop your personal founder profile, which you can also use for networking and making contacts

  • You will meet new people, expand your network and maybe even get to know future cooperation partners or co-founders


  • Get to know your peers through interactive networking exercises

  • Get to know yourself better as a person and entrepreneur: We will explore your strengths & talents, interests, skills, and values.

  • Create your founder profile, including a short pitch

  • Get useful networking tips


Mixture of interactive exercises, brainstorming, individual work, group work and exchange in plenary session

April 20Nd 2022 - CEU, Vienna Campus

Understanding Customers

Entrepreneurship Avenue meets CEU Innovations Lab

“The Management Team from Central European University’s startup accelerator, CEU InnovationsLab will walk you through the wonderland of customer interviews! So why are customer interviews magic? Because if you are able to pay appropriate attention, you can just lean back and let your customers tell you what they need!

The session will consist of three parts:
First, we will talk you through some practical advice related to interviews.Then, with the help of mentors, you will create your own interview scripts with to-the-point questions.Finally, you will be matched with peer teams and you will take turns and both conduct your first customer interviews!”

EA meets CEU
may 3rd 2022 - weXelerate, Open Innovation Stage

Fuckup Night

Entrepreneurship Avenue meets weXelerate

Instead of success, the focus is on failure. Failure inevitably is part of the entrepreneurship journey. Talking openly about mistakes is not an everyday occurrence, although constructively dealing with failure is essential for innovation.
What awaits you at the workshop:
Three speakers will share their stories, of crashes and burns. From partnerships that broke into pieces - to ventures that failed.

may 17th 2022 - The Student Hotel


Entrepreneurship Avenue meets AustrianStartups

AustrianStartups is a neutral, independent and non-profit platform for innovative entrepreneurship in Austria. It is an open place for startups, changemakers, and interested persons, who are all invited to join us in our efforts to develop Austria into a hub for innovative minds. 

​​Event Details
What to expect:
150+ entrepreneurs
Different topics, addressing a startup need
Startup news and updates
Top-notch panel with serial entrepreneurs, investors or other industry experts